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avatar for Kelly Bodwin

Kelly Bodwin

California Polytechnic State University
avatar for Benjamin Braun

Benjamin Braun

202 Group
Chief Architect
avatar for Johnny Breen

Johnny Breen

Tokio Marine Kiln
avatar for Jenny Bryan

Jenny Bryan

software engineer
avatar for Hezi Buba

Hezi Buba

Tel Aviv University
avatar for Caro Buck

Caro Buck

Wunderman Thompson
avatar for Melissa Van Bussel

Melissa Van Bussel

Statistics Canada
avatar for Dan Caley

Dan Caley

Custom Ink
avatar for Tanya Cashorali

Tanya Cashorali

TCB Analytics
avatar for Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel

Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel

RStudio + Duke University
Professor + Developer Educator
avatar for Aaron Chafetz

Aaron Chafetz

US Agency for International Development
Senior Economist
avatar for Joe Cheng

Joe Cheng

RStudio, PBC
avatar for June Choe

June Choe

University of Pennsylvania
PhD Student
avatar for Nic Crane

Nic Crane

Voltron Data
avatar for Brian Danielak

Brian Danielak

University of Maryland – College Park
avatar for Danielle Dempsey

Danielle Dempsey

Centre for Marine Applied Research
avatar for Rachael Dempsey

Rachael Dempsey

Customer Success
avatar for Aleksander Dietrichson

Aleksander Dietrichson

Universidad de San Martin & Chi Square Laboratories
avatar for Ivonne Carrillo Dominguez

Ivonne Carrillo Dominguez

Data Engineering Manager
avatar for Dewey Dunnington

Dewey Dunnington

Voltron Data
avatar for Alex Farach

Alex Farach

Accenture Federal Services
avatar for Xu Fei

Xu Fei

avatar for Ileana Fenwick

Ileana Fenwick

University of North Carolina
PhD Student
avatar for Isaac Florence

Isaac Florence

UK Health Security Agency
avatar for Maya Gans

Maya Gans

Atorus Research
avatar for Travis Gerke

Travis Gerke

The Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium
avatar for Colin Gillespie

Colin Gillespie

Jumping Rivers
avatar for Alex Gold

Alex Gold

Solutions Engineering
avatar for John Goldin

John Goldin

Yale University
avatar for Garrett  Grolemund

Garrett Grolemund

avatar for Rebecca Hadi

Rebecca Hadi

Lyn Health
avatar for Meghan Hall

Meghan Hall

Brown University
avatar for Jon Harmon

Jon Harmon

R4DS Online Learning Community/Macmillan Learning
Admin/Principal Data Scientist
avatar for Meghan S Harris

Meghan S Harris

PCCTC @ Memorial Sloan Kettering
avatar for Martin Henze

Martin Henze

Data Scientist
avatar for Tan Ho

Tan Ho

avatar for Zhian N. Kamvar

Zhian N. Kamvar

The Carpentries
Lesson Infrastructure Technology Developer
avatar for Shelmith Nyagathiri Kariuki

Shelmith Nyagathiri Kariuki

Data Analytics Consultant
avatar for Matthew Kay

Matthew Kay

Northwestern University
Assistant Professor
avatar for David Keyes

David Keyes

R for the Rest of Us
avatar for Lewis Kirvan

Lewis Kirvan

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
avatar for Max Kuhn

Max Kuhn

RStudio, PBC
avatar for Jeff Leek

Jeff Leek

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
avatar for Desirée De Leon

Desirée De Leon

Data Science Educator, RStudio Academy
avatar for Ben Matheson

Ben Matheson

Municipality of Anchorage Innovation Team
avatar for Amelia McNamara

Amelia McNamara

University of St Thomas
avatar for Keith McNulty

Keith McNulty

McKinsey & Company
avatar for Beatriz Milz

Beatriz Milz

Curso-R, R-Ladies São Paulo and University of Sao Paulo
avatar for Anubhuti Mishra

Anubhuti Mishra

Palladium International
Senior Data Scientist
avatar for Tom Mock

Tom Mock

RStudio, PBC
avatar for Tyler Morgan-Wall

Tyler Morgan-Wall

Institute for Defense Analyses
avatar for Ian Muchiri

Ian Muchiri

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
avatar for Kirill Müller

Kirill Müller

cynkra GmbH
avatar for Andy Nicholls

Andy Nicholls

GlaxoSmithKline, United Kingdom
Head of Data Science
avatar for Jacqueline Nolis

Jacqueline Nolis

Saturn Cloud
avatar for Jon Nye

Jon Nye

National Institutes of Health
avatar for Hunter Owens

Hunter Owens

California Department of Transportation
avatar for Kolbi Parrish

Kolbi Parrish

California Dept. Public Health + UCSF
avatar for Josiah Parry

Josiah Parry

The NPD Group
avatar for Andy Pham

Andy Pham

UCSF + California Dept. Public Health
avatar for Shannon McClintock Pileggi

Shannon McClintock Pileggi

The Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium
Lead Data Scientist
avatar for Hannah Podzorski

Hannah Podzorski

GSI Environmental
avatar for Emma Rand

Emma Rand

University of York
Associate Prof
avatar for Nicola Rennie

Nicola Rennie

Jumping Rivers
avatar for Kiegan Rice

Kiegan Rice

NORC at the University of Chicago
avatar for Mark Rieke

Mark Rieke

Memorial Hermann Health System
avatar for Liz Roten

Liz Roten

Metropolitan Council
avatar for Colin Rundel

Colin Rundel

Duke University
Associate Professor
avatar for Cédric Scherer

Cédric Scherer

Data Visualization Professional
avatar for Julia Silge

Julia Silge

RStudio, PBC
avatar for David Smith

David Smith

Cloud Advocate
avatar for Mike Stackhouse

Mike Stackhouse

Atorus Research
avatar for Nick Strayer

Nick Strayer

Software Engineer
avatar for Greg Swinehart

Greg Swinehart

RStudio, PBC
avatar for Tiger Tang

Tiger Tang

avatar for Tracy Teal

Tracy Teal

avatar for Lawrence Y. Tello

Lawrence Y. Tello

California Department of Public Health
Informatics Specialist
avatar for Prabha Thanikasalam

Prabha Thanikasalam

Sr. Director, Data Science and Advanced Analytics
avatar for Nicholas Tierney

Nicholas Tierney

Telethon Kids Institute, Perth, Australia
avatar for Alice Walsh

Alice Walsh

Pathos, R-Ladies Philly
avatar for Eric Wanjau

Eric Wanjau

Leeds Institute for Data Analytics
avatar for Sydeaka Watson

Sydeaka Watson

Eli Lilly and Co
avatar for Hadley Wickham

Hadley Wickham

Chief Scientist
avatar for Joran De Wilde

Joran De Wilde

AXI Full Service RStudio Partner
avatar for Aaron R. Williams

Aaron R. Williams

Urban Institute
avatar for Weihuang Wong

Weihuang Wong

Senior Research Methodologist
avatar for Thomas Wouters

Thomas Wouters

AXI Full Service RStudio Partner
avatar for Yihui  Xie

Yihui Xie

RStudio, PBC
Software Engineer
avatar for Kamil Zyla

Kamil Zyla